Entrance to the headquarters of the C.C. Group in Krefeld
Entrance to the headquarters of the C.C. Group in Krefeld
Dual-pass non-ferrous metal separator at our Hagen site
Dual-pass non-ferrous metal separator at our Hagen site
C.C. operates from seven locations in Germany
C.C. operates from seven locations in Germany
C.C. headquarters at the Krefeld port
C.C. headquarters at the Krefeld port
Access to the river Rhine at our site in Krefeld
Access to the river Rhine at our site in Krefeld
C.C. Umwelt: Your partner
for incineration waste disposal
and recycling services

Successful resource recovery

The C.C. Umwelt: 50 years of providing comprehensive disposal and recycling services

Welcome to our website – we appreciate your interest in our company and services! The focus of our business is on special industrial waste and how to recycle it. After all, industrial waste does not magically disappear once it has reached the incineration plant. In fact, what actually happens is that it is reduced in size during the incineration process, “transforming” into mounds of slag and filter dust. And then? What happens to the millions and millions of tons of this special industrial waste?

The C.C. Umwelt has been addressing this challenge since 1969. We are part of the circular economy – with state-of-the-art technology, certified quality, a deep understanding of our customers’ needs and a high level of efficiency in the transport and processing of special industrial waste. Every year, we process more than one million tons of slag and filter dust for recycling or disposal. This makes us a strong partner for waste incinerators. We process the slag, extract metals and minerals and then recycle most of it – for example, reprocessed slag can be used in major road and landscape construction projects. As a construction supplier and project developer, we are a valued partner for the construction industry. Furthermore, we use the filter dust as backfill for abandoned mines, providing stability within the mine voids in a way that is safe in the long-term. At the same time, we are also making an important contribution to landscape conservation in German mining areas.

By recovering resources on a daily basis, we are making a significant contribution to reducing CO2 emissions and protecting the climate. Our customers are municipalities, towns, administration unions, waste incinerators, disposal companies and recycling specialists in Germany and other European countries. If you in need of a reliable and experienced service provider of comprehensive disposal and recycling services, we are the right partner for you! Our highly motivated team looks forward to hearing from you.

Recultivated hill consisting of C.C. slag at the Kamener Kreuz interchange in North Rhine-Westphalia

The C.C. Umwelt’s core business

Three categories of important environmental services


The C.C. Umwelt’s fastest-growing business area is the disposal, processing and recycling of slag for waste incinerators. Find out what exactly it is we do and why we are among the best in our field.

Filter dust

Another of our business areas with strong growth is the disposal of filter dust in a way that is safe in the long-term. Find out how C.C. organizes this in a responsible manner.


C.C.’s third business area is the extraction of mineral substances and valuable metals from industrial by-products. This division is slightly smaller than the others, but just as important when it comes to conserving resources and protecting the climate.

Schweres Gerät im Einsatz

Partner for the construction industry

Manufacture of construction materials

The C.C. Umwelt is Germany’s leading manufacturer of construction materials derived from slag and other materials. Our alternative construction materials are used in civil engineering, for example. Click on the link to find out more about the certified quality of C.C.’s construction materials.

Read more about our construction materials

We are your independent waste disposal specialist for waste incinerators – and preferred supplier of quality slag for private, municipal and other public-sector developers.

Ideally located

We are where you need us to be

The C.C. Umwelt has access to 40 percent of Germany’s waste incineration capacity. Our slag sites in Krefeld, Hagen, Würzburg and Schwandorf are located in the immediate vicinity of numerous waste incineration plants. We are able to reach these customers quickly by road, rail and water. Such multimodal transport offers advantages for both our customers and for us, as pick-up and transport times are short and there are significant cost benefits. Hover over the locations in the diagram to view the addresses and contact information of our locations. Read more about our locations

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