Access to the river Rhine at our site in Krefeld
Access to the river Rhine at our site in Krefeld
Conserve resources, protect the climate –
these are the primary goals that have been
influencing our business activities for over fifty years.

About the C.C. Group

Our history

The C.C. Group has been a successful and recognized partner for the disposal and recycling of incineration waste since its foundation in 1969.

Here are some of the most significant milestones in our company’s history:

  • 1969 Founding of the company under the name Neusser Haldenverwertungs-GmbH
  • 1972 The name is changed to Container Company, with activities mainly in the scrap trade
  • 1980 Opening of the Hagen site
  • 1982 Relocation of the company headquarters to the Krefeld port area, rapid growth through new multimodal transport connections
  • 1990 Foundation of C.C. Umwelt-Entsorgung GmbH + Co KG, expansion and professionalization of waste disposal services, also in response to increased legal requirements
  • 1993 Opening of the Würzburg site
  • 1995 Acquisition of stake in disposal company NDH-E Entsorgungsbetreibergesellschaft mbH and its Bleicherode mine
  • 2000 C.C. Umwelt-Entsorgung GmbH + Co. KG is converted into a stock company
  • 2003 Opening of the Schwandorf site
  • 2007/2008 Establishment of three corporate foundations (dual-purpose foundations) by the owner family, the Wierichs, and gradual transfer of their company shares in the C.C. Group to these foundations
  • 2008 Acquisition of the Sollstedt mine
  • 2017 NDH-E merges with DEUSA International GmbH, meaning the C.C. Group now has a stake in the second German potash producer
  • 2018 Effective January 1, investment firm Novum Capital Beratungsgesellschaft acquires 100 percent of the foundations’ company shares
  • 2019 On 19 July, the C.C. Group puts into operation the most efficient metal finishing machinery on the market: “Stratego”
  • 2019 On 20 September, the C.C. Group celebrates its 50th anniversary
  • 2021 The slag recycling company Blue Phoenix Group (Rotterdam / Netherlands) takes over 100 percent of the C.C. shares from the previous shareholder Novum Capital