C.C.’s Managing Directors, Dieter Kersting (left) and Roberto Grau
C.C.’s Managing Directors, Dieter Kersting (left) and Roberto Grau
Real teamwork.
Longstanding industry expertise.
Efficient processes.

About the C.C. Group

Our Management

Dieter Kersting – Industry Expert since 1989

Lawyer and expert in M&A transactions, location development and regulatory affairs

  • Joined the C.C. Group in 1989
  • Chairman of the Trade Association of Processors and Recyclers of Incineration Slags (IGAM) since 2007
  • Member of the Board of the German Association for Secondary Raw Materials and Waste Management (bvse) since 2014
  • Member of the University of Duisburg-Essen’s research group ROHZEM since 2017
  • CEO of the C.C. Group and shareholder since 2018
Roberto Grau – Efficiency Optimizer

Expert in plant engineering, metal finishing and management

  • Experience in the construction materials industry, in traffic route construction and in waste disposal since 2006
  • Variety of international experience (USA, Sweden, Latvia, Russia, Poland)
  • Focus on process optimization, increasing productivity and efficiency
  • COO/CTO of the C.C. Group since 2018
Robert Murmann – Technophile Administrator


Process engineer and industrial engineer with a focus on processes

  • Extensive industry experience from activities in auditing and operational management consulting
  • Several years of experience as managing director in the raw materials trading segment of a renowned recycling company
  • SME experience from a management position in an owner-managed manufacturing company
  • CFO of the C.C. Group since 2019