Employee in Krefeld
Employee in Krefeld
The C.C. Group’s main goals are
to conserve resources, protect the climate
and operate in a sustainable manner.

About the C.C. Group

Our Vision

Our planet’s natural resources are a precious commodity because they are indispensable to human life. At the C.C. Group, we have made it our mission to conserve resources. We stand by this commitment in our day-to-day work. It is the reason we invest. It is the reason we expand.

We see it every day at our sites: waste does not simply evaporate once it has been collected from people’s households and companies. Waste incineration plants convert it into slag and filter dust – which is where the C.C. Group comes into play. We recover recyclable materials such as metals and minerals from slag, return them to the commercial cycle and convert waste slag into high-quality construction materials. Slags that are used in construction also help to protect the environment, because construction companies need fewer finite resources such as sand and gravel. All thanks to our recycling expertise!

Conserve resources, reduce CO2-emissions, protect the climate – these are the primary goals that influence all of our business activities.