Heavy machinery in action
Heavy machinery in action
The construction industry
can rely on the C.C. Group’s
quality construction materials.


Quality-controlled construction materials from recycled resources

From mineral substances to products derived from industrial high-temperature processes: C.C. manufactures high-quality construction materials from all such materials. Our customers then use them for civil engineering projects, industrial warehouses, road construction and landfill construction. The C.C. Group’s construction materials

  • are available to developers with a basic grain size of 0 to 36 millimeters.
  • are available in other grain sizes on request, e.g. for gas- and water-permeable layers in landfill construction.
  • are certified according to German national environmental quality standards (BQS).
  • meet the high-level quality requirements of the German Federal States’ Working Group on Waste (LAGA).
  • regularly receive certifications that meet the sophisticated quality criteria set by the authorities in charge of installation.

The C.C. Group’s recycled construction materials have been used in landfill construction since the 1960s. There is also an increasing demand from commercial developers wishing to use our construction materials as an alternative to material from gravel pits or quarries. The advantage for these developers is that they can rest assured that C.C.’s construction materials meet all legal quality requirements – even when it comes to their disposal.