Our raw material processing center in Hagen
Our raw material processing center in Hagen
C.C. is big in the slag business
C.C. is big in the slag business
C.C. offers comprehensive
services for the disposal
of poor slag and filter dust.

Meeting customer needs

We are your single source for comprehensive waste management services

The C.C. Umwelt is one of only two companies in Germany to offer disposal services for slag and filter dust from a single source. Our customers benefit from our full-service approach. This includes us collecting their special industrial waste straight from the waste incinerator – so that, from that moment, it is no longer their concern. After all, we are the ones who are specialists for transport, storage and recycling.

We have decades of success under our belt. Today, we dispose of and recycle more than one million tons of special industrial waste per year. The following diagram illustrates the process:

Removing, processing and recycling slag; extracting, processing and marketing non-ferrous metals and mineral waste from slag; removing, classifying and disposing of filter dust – all this is our core business. We also hold shares in several stowing mines and potash tailings piles.

Converting waste slag into certified quality

Building with quality

Disposing of filter dust is a highly responsible task
Filter dust

Disposal requires safe methods

Manufacturing high-quality construction materials from heterogeneous raw materials

Processing requires expertise