Slag is a precious resource
Slag is a precious resource
Converting waste slag into certified quality
Converting waste slag into certified quality
Working in shifts to recover valuable resources
Working in shifts to recover valuable resources
Slag recycling is becoming
increasingly important for
the conservation of resources.

The C.C. Umwelt’s slag business

Remove, process, recycle

Did you know that sand is becoming a scarce resource? This may sound strange in times of increasing desertification, but the fact is that desert sand is not suitable for most uses, including the construction industry. Which is actually good news for the slag industry! While alternative construction materials derived from slag are not as versatile as sand, slag is a high-quality construction material for car parks, noise barriers for motorways and similar construction projects. The C.C. Umwelt

  • is experiencing an increase in the demand for slag by the construction industry,
  • ensures its slags are certified according to German national environmental quality standards (BQS),
  • has competent staff who know about the uses of slag in construction,
  • and enters into strategic partnerships with construction companies.

The C.C. Umwelt started out in 1969 as a metal processing business, so this business division will always be close to our hearts. In 2018 and 2019, we therefore invested in new non-ferrous metal separators and in “Stratego”, the most efficient metal finishing machinery on the market. Below is a brief overview of how we process slag to extract metals:

Step 1: Storage of poor slag

poor slag

Lagern vor der Aufbereitung

We store the poor slag from the incineration plants for up to eight weeks to remove bound moisture and achieve the optimum moisture content (calcination process).